Monday, May 5, 2008

In search of a REAL cappuccino

image: sridgway

Off the plane first thing on my list of must have/do's was a REAL cappuccino.

Vietnamese coffee has quite a unique flavour. Typically it's drunk black and very strong, often sweetened with condensed milk, sometimes drunk over ice. It's not bad, and has a kind of nutty, chocolatey taste.

A few places sell 'western style' coffee (at inflated prices) but order a cappuccino at your peril! We had one in Hue that was half filled with something cold and frothy that most definitely was NOT milk.

The answer? When in Rome......
... or drink beer - it's great and very cheap ;)

image: robynejay

Oh, and my other must have/do's?
- a glass of cold water out of a tap
- a toilet seat that wasn't wet
- olives and salami and cheese
- a tender lamb roast
- luxuriating in a comfortable bed with crisp cotton sheets

.... and that was all on the first day back!

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