Friday, April 11, 2008

Flickr video

No doubt those of you who are flickr users would have noticed that they recently added video support, upto 90 sec and 150 meg. per post, perfect for our travel blogging.
This was taken on my Canon Ixus 950 IS and uploaded directly to flickr, and then embedded from there in this post. Worked a treat. This video was just under 150 Mbyte.
Expect to see moe of these in our posts


Wentan said...

I'm a regular flickr user, and I didn't know isn't it fantastic - and your little eeeeeeeeeeeeeeepc is comming in handy I seeeeeeeeeeeee

alexanderhayes said...

Holy f....!

I felt like I was actually in there amongst it all. Love the scooter straight over the footpath...and jees....just amazing.

One day I'll get there :)

Anne Paterson said...

The video is fantastic - the traffic looks like it was choreographed!

Anonymous said...

What a great experience! Thank you for sharing it with us. Enjoy your trip and have FUN!