Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hue Haven

After a 3:30am start and flight to Hue the constant sprooking as we wandered the streets was getting pretty tedious. "Buy from me!" was replaced by "One hour!" as cyclo and scooter owners advertised their services every 3 m in a town best explored by foot.

So it was a welcome relief to stumble upon the XQ embroidery centre; a serene spiritual haven amidst the madness. We sipped a complimentary cup of green ginger tea, wandered from building to building through beautiful gardens and watched women embroidering the most exquisite works of art following designs by a team of artists, silk on silk. Perhaps the most spectacular were the double sided silk screens of flowers and tigers.

XQ embroidery centre - double sided work - Hue 6

Check out some more pics we took here.

It's the little gems like this that will be treasured memories.

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