Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Matchbox dwellings

A common building style is what I'm fondly labeling the matchbox dwelling.

They're around 4m wide, 20m deep and typically 3-4 stories high of rendered brick. The street level is usually also commercial space often decorated with gorgeous floor tiles. The middle floors have a narrow balcony with curved ornate railings and sometimes plants etc. The top floor is a sometimes a deck.

hanoi architecture
image: robynejay

The front of the building gets painted in gorgeous colours - green, blue, purple - but the sides are usually left unpainted and are windowless.

The result is a rather strange looking piece of architecture when sitting alone, desperately in need of a neighbour or two. We saw these even out in the rural areas adjoining paddy fields.

typical building
image: robynejay

Not sure I'd like to be in one during an earth quake!

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