Monday, April 21, 2008

Popular art

Propaganda art is a central aspect of Vietnamese life. Street posters send messages - political, health focused, cultural.

A few days ago we came across a great exhibition of propaganda art from the war years. Aparently the posters were produced by both professional artists and amateurs and used on the streets. Many naturally espouse the anti-US, and communist causes but a strong message was also one of unification, freedom and peace.

Despite being a fantastic snapshot of that period of Vietnamese history the young woman who answered our queries about the display said that they received many complaints from visiting Americans demanding that the images be removed.

image: nutbird

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Marlene Manto said...

Hi guys,
Really enjoying this 'second-hand' tour around Vietnam. My daughter has just blogged her recent trip to Cairo and she says that the most interesting travel is where the culture is markedly different to one's own. So keep up the postings and have fun!