Thursday, April 10, 2008

Out of our comfort zone

What I really love about overseas travel, especially to places like Vietnam, is that it challenges the very assumptions we live by - the 'the normality' of our lives.

Some people are born and live their entire lives in small rural Australian townsm and that is their world - THE world. Or if they travel they lock themselves away in the Sheraton venturing out on a tour bus perhaps.

Travel and walk the streets and the way we live, dress, work, eat, interact, speak are questioned.... as they should be.

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alexanderhayes said...

Hey guys ! Looks like your having fun :)

I'm here in a country town, leg up and this is THE world for me at the minute.

I remember once spouting off about travelling the world with an Artist friend of mine, Linda Scrolys.

She turned to me and said; " Alex, the world passes by your doorstep every single day of the takes a wise person to take at least on full concious breath a day and watch that day go by before heading headlong into it."

How true her words have been . On your journey look for those moments of silence in between the bustle of your endeavours.

You deserve it. It's your time.

Pretend your never coming back to colds and stressful work.