Thursday, April 10, 2008

Simple pleasures

Today we escaped from the midday heat, and awaited the re-opening of the History Museum, by having lunch in a little cafe in the Botanic Gardens. We dined on grilled beef, a cold can of beer followed by a cornetto icecream for the grand total of 90,000 VND or around $7 for two of us.

Around us locals were engaged in the latest soapie episode. We couldn't understand a word but the accompanying music was universal and the C class acting entertaining.

Beside us a swag of sparrows fluffed around on the dusty ground, digging holes to wallow in, no doubt escaping the heat like us and ridding their feathers of mites.

Simple pleasures. Long memories.

1 comment:

Jo Kay said...

Oooo... I'm jealous! Sounds truly relaxing - despite the heat! ;)

Loving the blogging mix of culture, images and techie experiences... and why am I not surprised that motorbikes are featuring heavily on the flickr stream! hehe!

Thanks for sharing!